Richard Wølf is a singer, an actor, a songwriter, a performer, a cinematographer, a fimmaker and a music video director based in Italy.

A talent for the arts runs in the family:  his father is a  multi-instrumentist guitarist, his mother has a natural gift for the visual arts and Richard has been cultivating a strong passion for music and acting since he was a child.

After obtaining the university degree in “Foreign Languages and Literatures" (BO), he graduated at “The Bernstein School Of Musical Theater” (BO), directed by Shawna Farrell, in 2014 and also at the "Voice Actor Academy" (FI) ran by Christian Iansante and Roberto Pedicini, starting his professional career as an actor, a singer, a voice actor and a performer in different national shows constantly improving his skills by attending several masterclasses.

After his first band “Quarto Verso” musical satisfactions – their first single “Suono Sordo” was used worldwide as the soundtrack of RAI International / Directv TV spot and their second single "Mad Society" entered the TOP 50 international playlist GOTHIC ORGY VOL. VI  by DarkTunes Music Group (Germany) -, he decided to start his new musical project during the first lock-down period writing his first album "HYBRID" and publishing his first single "Seeking" in November 2020. 

 His musical influences go from alternative rock, folk, post-grunge and nu metal, to trailer hybrid music, sound design FX and cinematic soundtracks, never letting go of his musical theatre background.

 Furthermore, he turned his strong passion for photography and filmmaking into a second profession working as a director, a cinematographer and an editor in his and other artists' videoclips.